Brothee Bone Broth Latte on GOOP

Brothee Bone Broth Latte on GOOP

We've been serving up Bone Broth Lattes from day one, and were very happy to introduce them to GOOP and it's Food Editor, Thea Baumann. They included us in their new series, "Yep! You Can Drink" in their exploration of some key bone broth makers here in LA. Thea visited us in our home where we made her a bone broth latte using our Roasted Chicken Broth and our Pesto Ghee. So simple you can see us demoing the recipe, and have also written up the ingredients and steps below. Check out the video here.

You can also make a latte with our Bold Beef Broth and our harissa ghee using the same directions, or a vegan latte with our mushroom broth. 

Also, did you know that when you purchase a five pack or ten pack box of broth and you will receive a free ghee with your order... Time to get on the Broth Latte train!

Ps. Looking for that Sriracha Ghee Thea made in the GOOP test kitchen? We've made the recipe and for a limited time are offering while supplies last.

Bone Broth Pesto Latte Recipe

Serving: 1

8oz Roasted Chicken Broth (or no allium version)
1 teaspoon Pesto Ghee

Heat broth in a small-medium size pot to a low simmer add ghee and whisk until melted. Pour mixture into blender and blend on medium until foam appears. Pour and serve this energizing, crash-free drink!