News From Our Founder & CEO, Rhys Cazenove

News From Our Founder & CEO, Rhys Cazenove

Hey there!

When I set up Brothee two years ago, I had no idea of the wonderful and rewarding adventure I was embarking upon. This company has genuinely and immeasurably improved my life. I hope our products have, and continue to have, a positive impact on you and your loved-ones as well.

In the spirit of the changing seasons, I want to share with you a few important updates that are coming up:

  • Our last day at Brentwood, La Canada, Larchmont, and Melrose Farmers Markets was April 30th. We have been at these markets for over a year, and love connecting with each and every one of our market customers. We hope to return to these amazing locations in the Fall when temperatures are cooler. 
  • However, we are at the Hollywood Farmers Market every other week starting April 30th! You can also find us at Erewhon, Canyon Gourmet, Om-Nom-Organics, Mother Nature’s Remedy, and PC Greens. A complete list of stores can be found on our Find Us page.
  • We have discontinued our jar buy-back program. Since day one, we’ve offered $1 discount towards your next purchase with every jar returned, and response has been incredible! About 20% of our jars are returned for reuse, lowering our ecological impact, and we couldn’t be more grateful. However, as we move into wholesale it becomes more complicated and costly to continue this program, and as a small business we have neither the resources nor the infrastructure to continue this in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Prices on the website have gone down. All 16oz broths will be reduced by $1 to compensate for the discontinued jar buy back program. 

  • More flexible options on our online store. Gone are the multipacks, where we chose broth for you.  Now, select any combination of 16oz or 8oz broths;  3 of the same size will get you 10% off, 6 of the same size will get you 15% off, and 12 of the same size will get you 20% off. 
  • Beef is coming back! We are so excited to have it back.

If you have any questions or comments about anything above, please do not hesitate to contact, and either myself or one of our team members will be there to respond to your inquiry. 

In Health,