Top 10 Products We Love for May, House of Citrine

"You have probably heard about the medicinal benefits of the bone broth craze. However, if you are vegan, it can be tough to hop on the train. However, Brothee has created a potent and delicious vegan broth with wild restorative mushrooms such as Chaga, Shiitake, Morel and Porcini. Sip on the go to your next meeting or sit back, read a peaceful book and have it delivered directly to you. Available for delivery in Los Angeles." Read full list here.

Glow Guide to Pregnancy, How You Glow

"Pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences that a woman will go through. That said, it can also be overwhelming, uncomfortable and scary. Jessie has created this glow guide to share some essentials and tips that have been helpful in creating comfort and glow throughout her pregnancy." Brothee included in this amazing list of recommendations. Read full list here.

Are you broth-ing? This newest health trend isn’t really new at all, How You Glow

"The healing powers of broth have been known for years, and we’re totally grateful for brands like Brothee who make pure, organic, clean broths for us to stock up in our fridge." Read the full article here.

Say What? Lattes Made with Bone Broth Are Actually a Thing, Goop

"Our friends at Brothee introduced us to bone broth lattes awhile back and we’re hooked. Easy to make and full of health benefits, this savory hot drink makes a perfect pick-me-up any time of day. If you have a handheld milk frother, use it here and skip the blender." Read the full recipe here.

Can Bone Broth Cure Cellulite? A Celebrity Nutritionist Weighs In, E! Online

"But, before you head out the door for your bone broth, there's one thing to keep in mind. 'Since the process extracts everything, it's important to consider the quality of the bones and the health of the animal that provided it,' said Rhys Cazenove, the Founder and CEO of a broth company in Los Angeles. 'At Brothee, we only use organic, grass-fed and grass-finished beef bones and organic, pasture-raised bones.'"​ Read the full article here​.

Brothee Dishes on How to Start Your Own Food Business, Dieline

"You may be surprised to learn all of licenses that Brothee requires to cook, package, and sell their simply delicious organic broths.​" Read the full article here.


​"​Something interesting and effective I’ve been adding to my diet lately though is actually bone broth. ... ​Brothee is my broth of choice because not only are they at most Farmers Markets around LA, they also deliver!​" Read the full article here.​

'Souping' is the new juicing: 3 places to get your broth on, LA Times

Bone broths are a hot trend in the health food space ... Los Angeles-based company Brothee does the work for you, and then bottles its organic bold beef, roast chicken, turkey and duck bone and vegan wild mushroom broth (made with protein-rich chaga and shiitake mushrooms). Read the full article here.​

Why You Need Bone Broth in Your Life, Balanced Blonde

"My favorite, favorite, favorite company that I have come across is called Brothee, and they are local to LA so I discovered them at the Brentwood farmer’s market! ... I am in love with what they do, I drink their broths on the daily, and I want to share their awesomeness with you."   Read the full article here.

54 Kitchens Under One Roof?, KCET

"It's not like the broth I'm used to drinking... It's way less saltier... Different flavors... Move over Starbucks." Watch the full video here.

Good Bones, Clean Plates

"The broths, even on their own, are seriously delicious. Conventional store-bought bone broths can be watered down, but Brothee's rich versions are made with a pound of bones per jar and a bounty of vegetables and herbs."  Read the full article here.