Social Awareness / Environmental Policy

Brothee Cares

Brothee is designed for every body and our planet. To ensure a clean and bountiful environment for future generations, we must take care of it today. At Brothee we’re committed to environmental responsibility. To pursue this goal, we’ve established company-wide standards addressing some of the most challenging aspects of running an environmentally responsible company.

Clean Living

As far as the environment is concerned, organic makes sense. Organic production prohibits the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and other hazardous chemicals in production. This is why we are Certified Organic, and insisted on using natural and organic ingredients from day one.

Recycle and Upcycle

We believe that environmental sustainability includes even the little things. We use recycled materials and buy in bulk whenever possible. We also package our product in recyclable glass and offer a recycling incentive program for our customers that has resulted in over 3,000 returned jars.

Creating Compost

In our effort to become a zero-waste company we have partnered with local non-profit L.A. Compost to turn our organic vegetable waste into rich, fertile compost. L.A. Compost then uses this compost to build gardens at schools all around Los Angeles. To date we have contributed over 1,200 lb of raw, compostable material.


There are many options as a company to promote environmental awareness for ourselves and our customers. This is only the beginning. We have ambitious goals for sustainability, and have a dedicated Environmental Initiatives Manager who is working towards these goals every week.